Passionately helping all live the life they envision.


Larry Lipman


I suppose you want to know who I am and what I’m about. I could give you a list of my accolades or guide you through the last 29 years of my experience, but instead, I would like to offer a snap shot of our company in hopes that you can find exactly what you are looking for. After 18 years as Lipman Realty, an additional 11 years with a well-known real estate franchise, and now RE/MAX Homes and Estates, Lipman Group, I believe we know a good amount about maintaining and growing our most valuable resource – our client and agent relationship. We strive to work diligently and focus on our clients’ goals, and achieve success through living an abundant life and striving to be a relationship-based company. We believe it is all about our clients. Fortunately, our company allows our reach to stretch from this beautiful city to an international forum, but I will always be a Nashvillian, a community builder, a business man, a husband, a father, a relationship activist and a man of my word.


Chris Grimes

Managing Broker

Alaska born, Atlanta raised, and a resident of Nashville, Chris Grimes was born the eldest of four children and developed a strong sense of personal identity and leadership skills at an early age.

His great-grandfather’s and grandfather’s success with real estate interested Chris, but he didn’t embark on his own personal journey in the industry until he was inspired by Cora Bett Thomas; a friend in Savannah, Georgia, whose gracious and generous lifestyle afforded her to bless and touch the lives of many people. Chris attended Atlanta’s Barney Fletcher’s Real Estate School in 2003, passed Georgia’s real estate licensing exam, and honed his skills alongside his mom, Gwendolyn Strutko. Music opportunities brought Chris to Nashville in 2012, and he quickly fell in love with Music City.

In 2014, Chris accepted the invitation from Larry Lipman to join his company. While working under Larry’s leadership, Chris found himself studying and learning from a consummate professional who exemplified grace and tact, treating every client with the utmost respect. As Managing Broker, Chris is committed to advance Lipman Group, a company built on and rooted in the beauty and sophistication of Nashville.